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Nov. 16th, 2010 08:16 am
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I would never want to be a policeman in new york. Not that i wouldn't mind being one in any other city (i don't want to be a policeman, the whole CSI thing sure as hell doesn't apply to me) I'd just... Eh whatever just go with me here...
So yeah.  It's 8am. I am barely halfway through my commute between Queens and times square and I've already passed at least three accidents. Dude. I thought I saw another pair of police cars racing towards another accident but it turned out to be a reflection in the bus window. Damn. So two fire engines caused the bus (and all the cars in the vicinity) to screech for about three minutes as they whooped their way across the van wyck exp. Then i saw an ambulance (complete with flashing lights! Pretty colors...) trying to wade through traffic elsewhere along the road. After which I saw the pair of police cars bombarding their way through traffic on the freeway, with a whole chain of other traffic-phobic cars in tow. Thats when I started thinking about how much it must SUCK to be any kind of law enforcement officer in any city during any time of day. But it definitely sucks the most to be a police officer anywhere in manhattan during the morning rush hour. You have to deal with a whole city-full of grumpy, drowsy people who may or may not have (most probably haven't) had their cup of coffee. Sucks for them. 


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